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Trademark: HuaiTeng Specification: 2000x1500x2000mm
Origin: China HS Code: 8419310000

Product Description

Product Description

Industrial food dryer is one of the most important machine in puffed food production line. Its effect is drying semi-finished products. Drying process can control puffed food's moisture, and make them crispy. It can adjust puffed food's property and extend their expiration date. Electric oven can be used in almost all of puffed food manufacturing processes, such as puffed snacks, pet food, fish feed, textured soy protein, modified starch, man-made rice etc.Our electric ovens are mainly divided to 3 type (by layers quantity)---3 layers, 5 layers and 7 layers. It depends on different food varieties and output requirement.


1.Easily control:
Controlled by PLC programming, externally equipped with a observation window, you can observe the whole process of drying.
2. Energy savings and short processing time:
The microwave vacuum drying equipment uses electromagnetic energy to transform, the heat is generated deep within the food to be dried. It has big advantages of fast drying speed and energy saving compared with conventional drying. Typically the microwave vacuum drying will dry materials in one-sixth the time of a conventional dryer. If your conventional dryer drying time is 6 hours, the microwave vacuum dryer will do the job in 1 hour. The result is time-savings of 5hours every time you start up a dryer. This not only represents reduced energy cost, but could also represent 5 hours of additional production time.  i.e. suitable for automated manufacturing.
3.Uniform heating
The hot air in regular food dehydrators dries foods from the outside. This causes the surface to harden, making it difficult for the water inside to get out and lengthening the drying process. In contrast, the microwave-vacuum drying machine uses microwaves that reach inside the food, causing the water in it to evaporate. The water vapor is carried away in air currents. This technique results in uniform drying and allows the process to be completed more quickly.
4.Improve final product quality and extend its shelf-life
Microwaves delivers gentle and uniform heat to the product a vacuum atmosphere allows using a lower drying temperature. Microwave has the effect of disinfection and sterilization to keep product safety and extend its shelf-life. When drying at low temperature,low pressure, and the oxygen content is low, thus the oxidation reaction of the dried material is weakened, thereby ensuring the flavor, appearance and color of the products.
5.Environmental friendly
Microwave vacuum equipment do not produce "three wastes", because microwave energy is controlled in the heating chamber. There are no radioactive hazards and harmful gas emissions, no residual heat and dust pollution,environmental friendly.


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